We equip our teaching and research laboratories with the highest quality equipments

We provide facilities that could accommodate interdisciplinary investigations and diagnostic which can help prepare students for such undergraduate laboratory courses

A wide range of high-quality, modern equipment, operated and maintained by qualified personnel.

The facility is used to provide routine chemical and biological samples analysis

Our Library are highly accessible with both digital and print collection that supporting teaching-learning and research - on and off campus.

Our Gymnasium facilities are ideal for varsity athletics for both genders and intramural/recreational sports.

There are student lounges and informal learning spaces available for all students to use and Wi-fi access.

Our facilities are in harmony with the environment to encourages social participation, providing a healthy, comfortable and safe which can stimulating learning.


You can participate in student sport activities which essential for phisical development, enrichment, health and wellness.

UniKL Mestech Student Sport Carnival (USSC) is an annual event which gather all students and staff that represent their sport house team in various sport activities.

Our students extend their learning beyond the classroom in development of softskills and personality via community service programme ranging from on campus to across the globe.

UniKL offers the International Exchange Programme to expose students to the best of international community, cultures and practices beyond their boundaries.


UniKL MESTECH aspires to become the premier institution providing knowledge and skills in Biomedical Science, Environmental Health and Medical Assistance.

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