Graduate - Higher Order Critical Skills (G-HOCS) is a system develops as a program to produce certification system to recognise student’s achievements and efforts. It involves experiential learning in training and interaction sessions and activities in outside or inside the classroom.


The objectives of G-HOCS are:

  1. To encourage students to make continuous and hardworking efforts to pursue holistic independence to nurture self-discipline and integrity.
  2. To record achievement, recognising and rewarding students. GHOCS enables students to develop their graduate skills and attribute within supportive, flexible through their experience within years in UniKL.
  3. To generate High Order Critical Skills (HOCS) transcript as a reference for graduates’ resume.


G-HOCS is a point based program which made up from the following of student activities component:

  • Skill Development: Promotes continuous learning & reflection on skills development
  • UniKL DNA: All Student’s activities cover under S.P.I.C.E.S - Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Career, Emotional, Social
  • Excellent Program: Outstanding achievement/ award receive •Recognition of participation in any competition
  • Club Management (Management Skills): Evaluation of Management skills – Club High Committee, SRC, USRC, RCC


Student Development Section provide endeless avenue for students to develop holistically in seven (7) domains know as SPICES. 

UniKL MESTECH aspires to become the premier institution providing knowledge and skills in Biomedical Science, Environmental Health and Medical Assistance.

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