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Since July 2008, Universiti Kuala Lumpur Institute of Medical Science Technology (UniKL MESTECH) is offering Diploma and Bachelor programmes in Medical Science Technology.

In fulfilling the demands of both the government and private sector for biomedical technologists,

UniKL MESTECH aspires to become the premier institution in providing knowledge and skills in Biomedical Laboratory Science and environmental Health Science.





            JPT/BPP(R/722/6/0002)06/18, MQA A 8827


           JPT/BPP(R/853/6/0017)06/18, MQA A 8828


           JPT/BPP(R/725/4/0025)06/18, MQA A 8824


          JPT/BPP(R/851/4/0001)06/18, MQA A8825


  • DIPLOMA IN MEDICAL ASSISTANT                                                                                                 

          JPT/BPP(N/722/4/0008)01/19, MQA/PA 4941


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